Bernie’s Stump

“Democrats are being asked to make a classic heads-vs.-hearts decision.”
– Eugene Robinson


Last week, The Nation endorsed Bernie Sanders as their pick for the 2016 Presidential candidate:

We believe such a revolution is not only possible but necessary—and that’s why we’re endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. This magazine rarely makes endorsements in the Democratic primary (we’ve done so only twice: for Jesse Jackson in 1988, and for Barack Obama in 2008). We do so now impelled by the awareness that our rigged system works for the few and not for the many. Americans are waking up to this reality, and they are demanding change. This understanding animates both the Republican and Democratic primaries, though it has taken those two contests in fundamentally different directions.

504567878-b8227e9403a0a66aeabb01634145a474ee0a8ee6-s1600-c85On June of 2015, I was #feelingthebern as I saw went to see Bernie speak. He tickled every socialist bone in my body. It was obvious to those who showed up that Sanders’s suggested policies, which have been carried through the winter debates, pushed the European style of socialism he’s famous for touting. The crowd, from young to old and from all races, loved and ate up the leftist material.

I understand the allure of Sanders, but the more impressive aspect of his campaign is the slow and steady growth of followers that has recently turned into a foe for the assumed nominee Hillary Clinton. The problem is the exposure he’s gotten: close to none until recently. With his numbers surging, he’s surpassed Clinton in a few polls. Also, I’m impressed with the coverage network and cable television now gives him. It’s clear the change in the minds of Democrats taking part of these polls is generating some serious heat (*insert “burn” pun*).

At this point, there’s no reason to point out the real difference between the two, while seeing the similarities. Both want to raise taxes, but the intended audiences are fall on different tax brackets. Taxes are definitive political bell cow for the left and Democrats. Millions supporting tax reform are enthralled with the discussion and the national conversation among Democratic pundits are the falling in line, too, but the writing may still be far from off the wall.  Those same pundits don’t doubt the establishment and don’t see anything but that: the established stay as such. Hillary will have a difficult time losing the battle between her and Sanders. I’m a fan of the Sanders’s policies, but I don’t know how realistic it is for him to challenge the right.